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This issue has been closed as 'Won't Fix' due to an extended period of time without updates. If this issue is important to you please let us know by posting on the AnswerHub or UDN, and Epic will re-open the ticket for further review.


A user has reported an issue about scroll bars having a minimum size in UMG and Slate code, causing them to not scale correctly when the scroll box is at a smaller size. This affects both horizontal and vertical orientations.

Regression?: No
This also occurred in 4.14

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create a new widget blueprint
  2. Add a scroll box
  3. Add 20 images to the scroll box
  4. Resize the scroll box vertically
    Result: When the scroll box is taller, the scroll bar scales to fit the amount of content that is not currently being displayed, but when the scroll box is smaller (down to about 80 Y), the scroll bar stops scaling, hitting a minimum size
    Expected: The scroll bar scales correctly in all cases

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Won't Fix
ComponentUE - Editor - UI Systems
Affects Versions4.144.154.16
CreatedMar 14, 2017
ResolvedMar 26, 2018
UpdatedApr 27, 2018