Developer Notes

The temporary workaround is to delete the landscape components affected, and replace them by using the add component tool.


When using the Retopolgize tool on a landscape that is utilizing the Landscape Grass Tool, any pre-existing grass types will begin to float and transform their locations.

The only way myself and the user have been able to resolve the issue is to delete each landscape component affected, and add a new one in its place.

Broken - 4.14.3-3249277
Broken - 4.15-3299760
Broken - 4.16- 334335 //UE4/Main

Steps to Reproduce

1. Open attached project.
2. Select the Retopologize tool.
3. Click and brush each landscape component for few seconds.

Outcome The cubes used as landscape grass types begin to transform and float in mid air.

Expected The cubes remain tied to the surface of the landscape after using the retopologize tool.

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Won't Fix
CreatedMar 14, 2017
ResolvedFeb 23, 2021
UpdatedJul 12, 2021