Dbuffer Decal materials don't render correctly when applied to a decal component in a blueprint. You can compare it to the decal actor and see that they aren't visually the same despite having the same settings and material.

You can test all the different Dbuffer blend modes and note that there are a few errors. In most cases the decal component in a blueprint will appear mostly black even when a blend mode without color is selected.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open attached project

Alternative Repro

  1. Open a blank project
  2. Make sure Dbuffer decals are enabled in project settings and restart
  3. Once editor is back create a translucent decal material with the decal blend mode "Dbuffer Translucent Normal" apply a normal map that is easily seen
  4. Drag the material into the scene and a decal actor should be created automatically
  5. Create a blueprint actor and add a decal component, apply the material you created earlier to the decal and put the blueprint in the scene next to the decal actor
  6. You may need to rotate the decal component in the blueprint as well

You will see a deferred decal actor and a blueprint actor with a decal component using the same material. The blueprint decal doesn't display correctly.

Both the decal actor and the blueprint decal component look identical.

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Affects Versions4.14.34.15
CreatedMar 20, 2017
UpdatedOct 28, 2019