Crash at runtime when rotating a retainer box that contains an image

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open the editor
  2. Create a new widget blueprint
  3. Add a retainer box to the designer tab
  4. Add an image to the retainer box
  5. Rotate the retainer box 180 degrees
  6. Save and compile
  7. Open the level blueprint
  8. Add the widget blueprint to the viewport
  9. Play in editor
  10. Notice that the editor crashes

Expected: The widget would be added to the screen with the image and retainer box rotated 180 degrees
Result: The editor crashes on play

UE4Editor_SlateCore!TArray<FHittestGrid::FCell,FDefaultAllocator>::RemoveAtImpl() array.h:1407 
UE4Editor_SlateCore!FHittestGrid::ClearGridForNewFrame() hittestgrid.cpp:262 
UE4Editor_UMG!FWidgetRenderer::DrawWindow() widgetrenderer.cpp:224 
UE4Editor_UMG!SRetainerWidget::OnTickRetainers() sretainerwidget.cpp:321 
UE4Editor_UMG!TBaseRawMethodDelegateInstance<0,SRetainerWidget,void __cdecl() delegateinstancesimpl.h:648 
UE4Editor_Slate!TBaseMulticastDelegate<void,float>::Broadcast() delegatesignatureimpl.inl:937 
UE4Editor_Slate!FSlateApplication::TickApplication() slateapplication.cpp:1561 
UE4Editor_Slate!FSlateApplication::Tick() slateapplication.cpp:1512 
UE4Editor!FEngineLoop::Tick() launchengineloop.cpp:3086 
UE4Editor!GuardedMain() launch.cpp:166 
UE4Editor!GuardedMainWrapper() launchwindows.cpp:134 
UE4Editor!WinMain() launchwindows.cpp:210 
UE4Editor!__scrt_common_main_seh() exe_common.inl:264 

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ComponentTools - UMG
Affects Versions4.15.1
CreatedMar 29, 2017
ResolvedSep 13, 2017
UpdatedSep 13, 2017