Selecting Visual Studio 2017 as the preferred Source Code Editor in the Editor Preferences window only sets that preference for the current project, instead of making it a setting for any project using that Editor. Once the preferred Source Code Editor is set in a project, the following is added to the DefaultEditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini file in the project's Config folder:


It would be expected that this would instead be added to the Editor's EditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini file located in Engine\Saved\Config\Windows so the setting would be available for all projects using that Editor.

Steps to Reproduce

Note: This was tested on a machine that has both VS 2015 and VS 2017 installed.

  1. Open any project in the Editor.
  2. Open the Editor Preferences window.
  3. In General -> Source Code -> Accessor -> Source Code Editor, change the setting to Visual Studio 2017.
  4. Close the Editor Preferences window.
  5. Create a new code project.

The solution for the new code project opens in Visual Studio 2015.

The solution for the new code project opens in Visual Studio 2017.

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Won't Fix
Affects Versions4.15.14.17
CreatedApr 24, 2017
ResolvedJan 16, 2020
UpdatedMar 26, 2020