Setting properties for a static meshes Navigation Collision and then reopening the mesh causes them to be reset.

This does not appear to occur in 4.14.3. This is a regression.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open the editor
  2. Add a Nav Mesh Bounds Volume
  3. Add a Cube
  4. Open the cube in the Static Mesh Editor
  5. Under the Navigation section in the Details panel, add a Box Collision
  6. Set the Offset and Extent to some number (I used 50,50,50 and 200,200,200, respectively)
  7. Set the Area Class to NavArea_Obstacle
  8. Save, then close and reopen the Static Mesh Editor for the Cube mesh

Result: The properties you set for the Box Collision are reset (sometimes some of them, sometimes all of them)

Expected: The properties would remain set to the correct values

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ComponentUE - AI
Affects Versions4.154.16
Target Fix4.17
Fix Commit3498323
Main Commit3510073
CreatedMay 10, 2017
ResolvedJun 19, 2017
UpdatedSep 25, 2017