A warning is appearing in the output log during PIE when an actor contains a Physics Constraint component that does not have any constrained components set.

This did not occur in 4.15.2, this is a regression. It is unexpected because the component is not attempting to create a joint between any objects if there are no constrained components set.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open the editor
  2. Create a new Actor blueprint
  3. Add a Physics Constraint component
  4. Compile & Save
  5. Place the Actor in the level
  6. PIE

Result: Warning appears in output log:

PIE:Warning: Warning Constraint in '/Temp/UEDPIE_0_Untitled_1.Untitled_1:PersistentLevel.NewBlueprint_42.PhysicsConstraint' attempting to create a joint between objects that are both static. No joint created.

Expected: No warning would appear, as there are no constrained components.

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ComponentUE - Simulation - Physics
Affects Versions4.164.17
Target Fix4.17
Fix Commit3477302
Main Commit3502661
CreatedMay 15, 2017
ResolvedJun 7, 2017
UpdatedJun 21, 2017
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