Opening the Advanced_Lighting Map, the new default map with 4.5.0 and 4.5.1, the Skybox has 4 UV Channels but all of them have overlapping UVs.


You can Auto Generate UVs for the Skybox but it will overwrite the unwrapped Channel 1 that already exists. (This workaround has been posted on the Answerhub.)

Steps to Reproduce

1. Open a New Project with Starter Content
2. Open the Advanced Lighting example map.
3. Build Lighting


Error Skybox has 50% Overlapping UVs


No Error generated on Light Build

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Cannot Reproduce
ComponentDocs - Samples
Affects Versions4.54.5.1
CreatedOct 23, 2014
ResolvedJul 6, 2016
UpdatedJul 14, 2021
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