Warning on Modify Bone when targeting a Virtual Bone

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create a Third Person template project
  2. Open the mannequin skeleton
  3. Right click in the skeleton tree and Create a Virtual Bone (doesn't matter where in the hierarchy)
  4. Create a new AnimBP from the skeleton
  5. Set up a Modify Bone node in the AnimGraph (Plug a ref pose node into it), then compile
  6. Save all
  7. Close and Re-open the project
  8. Open the AnimBP

Result: Warning on the Modify Bone node. Says there is not VB even though it still appears in the skeleton
Expected: No warning.

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ComponentOLD - Anim
Affects Versions4.154.16
Target Fix4.17
Fix Commit3471301
Main Commit3502661
CreatedMay 31, 2017
ResolvedJun 2, 2017
UpdatedApr 27, 2018
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