A licensee recently pointed out that there are now several GoogleVR lib files in 4.16 that are present in the Engine twice due to some of them being copied into a subdirectory. For example, , in 4.16 there is now \Engine\Source\ThirdParty\GoogleVR\lib\android_x86\ and \Engine\Source\ThirdParty\GoogleVR\lib\android\x86\

Examination of integration history revealed that we moved these files to fix some kind of problem, but when the googlevr sdk was updated we put its files into the old location.

Therefore the fix is to copy the android_x86 etc files over the existing android/x86, and to delete the android_x86 files.

Steps to Reproduce

This worked by luck, but there was an extra copy of an older version of the .so files in perforce. It happens that we were using the new versions at runtime.

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Affects Versions4.164.16.1
Target Fix4.16.2
Fix Commit3476133
CreatedJun 2, 2017
ResolvedJun 6, 2017
UpdatedSep 16, 2019