Hovered state does not fire when "Use Mouse for Touch" is set to true. As a note this also happens in a packaged game if the setting was set to true.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open the editor
  2. Open the project settings
  3. Set "Use Mouse for Touch" to true
  4. Create a new widget blueprint
  5. Add a button to the designer tab
  6. Change the hover style color to yellow (so that it's easy to see)
  7. Save and compile
  8. Open the level blueprint
  9. Add the new widget blueprint to the viewport on begin play
  10. Play in Editor
  11. Move you the mouse over the button Click the button (to insure that it has focus)
  12. Notice that the button does not turn yellow

Expected: The button would change color when the mouse hovers over the button
Result: The button does not appear to enter it's hovered state

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By Design
ComponentTools - Slate
Affects Versions4.16.1
CreatedJun 6, 2017
ResolvedJun 7, 2017
UpdatedApr 27, 2018