Cooking is not deterministic for Destructible Meshes. Can be tested by doing a release/patch of Destructibles map in Content Examples. Destructible Meshes that have not changed will show up in the patch.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create a new project based on Content Examples in 4.16
  2. Follow the steps in Releasing Your Project
    • Select the map "Destructibles"
  3. Follow the steps in Patching
    • Select the same map as above
  4. Unpak the .pak file in Saved\StagedBuilds\WindowsNoEditor*projectname*\content\paks with the command UnrealPak.exe pack-name.pak -extract path\to\extract\to\
  5. Notice although the destructible meshes have not changed, several (all?) are included in the extracted path

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There's no existing public thread on this issue, so head over to Questions & Answers just mention UE-45856 in the post.

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Won't Fix
CreatedJun 9, 2017
ResolvedAug 18, 2021
UpdatedAug 18, 2021