Compiling failure from several compile errors in the output log. They're of same type like this:

UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ETC2)): xgConsole: In file included from D:\Streams\UE4_Release\Engine\Plugins\Runtime\Oculus\OculusVR\Source\OculusHMD\Private\DeprecatedGearVRControllerComponent.cpp:3:
UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ETC2)): xgConsole: D:\Streams\UE4_Release\Engine\Plugins\Runtime\Oculus\OculusVR\Source\OculusHMD\Private/../Public/DeprecatedGearVRControllerComponent.h(13,1) :  error: attribute 'deprecated' is ignored, place it after "class" to apply attribute to type declaration [-Werror,-Wignored-attributes]
UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ETC2)): xgConsole: DEPRECATED(4.17, "This component (the GearVRController) is superfluous. It will be removed in a subsequent version. To emulate it, use a UStaticMeshComponent attached to a UMotionControllerComponent. The mesh used by this component can be found here: /OculusVR/Meshes/GearVRController.")
UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ETC2)): xgConsole: ^
UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ETC2)): xgConsole: Runtime/Core/Public\Android/AndroidPlatformCompilerPreSetup.h(34,54) :  note: expanded from macro 'DEPRECATED'
UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ETC2)): xgConsole:         #define DEPRECATED(VERSION, MESSAGE) __attribute__((deprecated(MESSAGE " Please update your code to the new API before upgrading to the next release, otherwise your project will no longer compile.")))
Steps to Reproduce

1. Create new BP project for mobile and load the editor
2. Disable HDR
3. Set up project for GearVR according to UE4 documentation
4. File > Package > Android ETC2

RESULT: Errors during the compile

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ComponentUE - Platform - XR
Affects Versions4.17
Target Fix4.17
Fix Commit3532261
Main Commit3555226
Release Commit3532261
CreatedJul 11, 2017
ResolvedJul 11, 2017
UpdatedSep 16, 2019