Hot reload iteration times have been crippled ever since CL# 3332960, which was a fix for UE-42205.

Steps to Reproduce
  • Load QAGameEditor.
  • Add a space to QATestActor.cpp.
  • Hit Compile in the editor.
  • Note in the output that UnrealHeaderTool gets rerun even though no header has changed.

Expected: hot reload occurs successfully without UnrealHeaderTool rerunning on .cpp file changes, and that the error in UE-42205 does not recur.

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Affects Versions4.17
Target Fix4.18.1
Fix Commit3713811
Main Commit3805231
CreatedOct 19, 2017
ResolvedOct 23, 2017
UpdatedApr 27, 2018
Pull Requests
4447 - klorberg