Even after assigning associated bones and mesh to the module, the emitter is spawning a number of sprites at the emitter origin.

See Picture Attached

This may be related to an earlier reported issue, [Link Removed]

Steps to Reproduce

1. Add the *.umap file and *.uasset file to the root Content directory of the Main Branch's Content Examples Sample (ex: D:\UE4-Main\Samples\Content Examples\Content)
2. Open the Content Example Project
3. Open the EffectTest.umap

Results: The Particle System is spawning on the Skeletal Mesh and the Emitter Origin

Expected: The Particle System should only spawn on Skeletal Mesh

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Affects Versions4.5.14.7
Target Fix4.7
Fix Commit2395019
Release Commit2397569
CreatedNov 7, 2014
ResolvedDec 22, 2014
UpdatedApr 27, 2018