When generating a patch, (patch pak file) the .uexp file of the Editor Start Map and the Game Default Map are both packaged into the patch, even if another map is specified.

Editor Start Map: Map1
Game Default Map: Map2

Expected: Map3.umap, Map3.uexp and Map3.ubulk are packaged in a patch pak.

Actual: Packages Map1.uexp and Map2.uexp in addition to expected results.

To reproduce, In project properties set editor and game default maps to map1 and map2. Create map3. Fully build the game, including all 3 maps and give it a release version (to enable future patching).

Make a change to Map3, then use a project launcher profile to create a patch pak for map3. Set "Cooked Maps" to map3 exclusively.

After completion, use UnrealPak list to observe the contents of the patch pak file (_P.pak). It should not contain Map1 or Map2 files, but does.

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CreatedNov 17, 2017
UpdatedFeb 1, 2019