This is caused by client move combining warping the player back and replaying the move.

Workaround is to set "p.NetEnableMoveCombining 0" but that is bad for network bandwidth.

We should probably avoid combining moves if an overlap state changes in either move.

Steps to Reproduce
  • Add a trigger volume that responds to overlap events from a player capsule by printing begin/end state.
  • Run PIE with a dedicated server. Have the player run in and out of the trigger a few times.
  • Note that the server begin/end events should fire as expected, but client prints begin/end/begin occasionally.

Note: client needs to be at high framerate (>60) for this to repro, so that move combining kicks in to send to server less often. Otherwise you can change the rate of combining by changing ClientNetSendMoveDeltaTime down to less than the framerate in BaseGame.ini

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Fix Commit3867899
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Release Commit4095966
CreatedJan 2, 2018
ResolvedFeb 1, 2018
UpdatedFeb 11, 2019