The engine will crash in `FMacPlatformSplash::Show()` when trying to launch on macOS High Sierra.

Steps to Reproduce

Launch the editor version 4.14 on High Sierra.


EGV_NOOP at 0x0

SLSNewWindowWithOpaqueShape Address = 0x7fff5985a485 (filename not found) [in SkyLight]
-[_NSCGSWindow initWithConnectionID:] Address = 0x7fff35fa1548 (filename not found) [in AppKit]
+[NSCGSWindow(NSCGSWindowCreation) windowWithConnectionID:] Address = 0x7fff35fa0490 (filename not found) [in AppKit]
_NSCreateWindowWithOpaqueShape2 Address = 0x7fff3569fe6d (filename not found) [in AppKit]
-[NSWindow _commonAwake] Address = 0x7fff3569eb5b (filename not found) [in AppKit]
-[NSWindow _commonInitFrame:styleMask:backing:defer:] Address = 0x7fff354e04b0 (filename not found) [in AppKit]
-[NSWindow _initContent:styleMask:backing:defer:contentView:] Address = 0x7fff354dec3d (filename not found) [in AppKit]
-[NSWindow initWithContentRect:styleMask:backing:defer:] Address = 0x7fff354de6f6 (filename not found) [in AppKit]
invocation function for block in FMacPlatformSplash::Show() Address = 0x101147337 (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-Core.dylib]
invocation function for block in PerformBlockOnThread(FCocoaRunLoopSource&, void () block_pointer, NSArray*, NSString*, bool) Address = 0x1010f57a0 (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-Core.dylib]
FCocoaRunLoopSource::Process(__CFString const*) Address = 0x1010cb29c (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-Core.dylib]
-[FCocoaRunLoopSourceInfo perform] Address = 0x1010caca6 (filename not found) [in UE4Editor-Core.dylib]
_CFRUNLOOP_IS_CALLING_OUT_TO_A_SOURCE0_PERFORM_FUNCTION_ Address = 0x7fff37f14711 (filename not found) [in CoreFoundation]
__CFRunLoopDoSource0 Address = 0x7fff37fcc39c (filename not found) [in CoreFoundation]
__CFRunLoopDoSources0 Address = 0x7fff37ef7700 (filename not found) [in CoreFoundation]
__CFRunLoopRun Address = 0x7fff37ef6b7d (filename not found) [in CoreFoundation]
CFRunLoopRunSpecific Address = 0x7fff37ef63d7 (filename not found) [in CoreFoundation]
RunCurrentEventLoopInMode Address = 0x7fff37203e26 (filename not found) [in HIToolbox]
ReceiveNextEventCommon Address = 0x7fff37203b96 (filename not found) [in HIToolbox]
_BlockUntilNextEventMatchingListInModeWithFilter Address = 0x7fff37203914 (filename not found) [in HIToolbox]
_DPSNextEvent Address = 0x7fff354cef5f (filename not found) [in AppKit]
-[NSApplication(NSEvent) _nextEventMatchingEventMask:untilDate:inMode:dequeue:] Address = 0x7fff35c64b4c (filename not found) [in AppKit]
-[NSApplication run] Address = 0x7fff354c3d6d (filename not found) [in AppKit]
tchar_main(int, wchar_t**) Address = 0x100eb0d2a (filename not found) [in UE4Editor]
main Address = 0x100eb058e (filename not found) [in UE4Editor]
start Address = 0x7fff5f898115 (filename not found) [in libdyld.dylib]

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ComponentUE - Platform - Apple
Affects Versions4.
CreatedJan 15, 2018
ResolvedJan 15, 2018
UpdatedJun 23, 2018
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