When simulating physics on multiple objects, they appears to jitter and shake on the client. This can lead to differences between the server and the client. This is especially show cased when running the server over to the boxes that are moving and standing on them. From the client's point of view it can appear as though the server character is being bounced and thrown around

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Download the attached project
  2. Open the project
  3. Set the number of players for PIE to 2
  4. Play in editor

Result: The boxes jitter and shake on the client, however this does not happen on the server
Expected: The boxes movements or lack there of would match the server

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Affects Versions4.19.2
Target Fix4.21
CreatedJun 4, 2018
ResolvedDec 4, 2018
UpdatedDec 4, 2018