When importing abc files with several morph targets (as a skeletal mesh), some morphs do not import and the ones that do are distorted(see screenshots and attached project)

-Number of morphs is not the same
-Names of morphs are not the same
-Morphs are not the same on the mesh
-Position of mesh is also different (see T and A poses)

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Import attached ABC file with morph targets
  2. Wait about 10 or 15 mins for asset to import
  3. Task manager will say the editor is not responding
  4. Asset eventually imports
  5. See the asset in the mesh editor and that its morph targets do not match the results if imported as an FBX


  1. Download attached project
  2. Open the FBX imported file and its morphs
  3. Open the ABC imported file and its morphs
  4. Compare the results of each one's import

Expected: Asset imports with morph targets that look like the FBX's

Results: Asset does not import with morph targets that look like the FBX's. Instead they are distorted and there is not the correct number of them.

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By Design
ComponentOLD - Anim
Affects Versions4.
Target Fix4.21
CreatedJun 18, 2018
ResolvedAug 8, 2018
UpdatedSep 25, 2018