Invalidation box appears to be inconstant when using a child widget that has been added via the user created section. A child widget that modifies itself will not update when placed inside of an invalidation box within a parent widget. However, if the widgets within the child widget are called within the graph of the parent, the child widget will update without being invalidated first.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Download the attached project
  2. Open the project
  3. Open Untitled level
  4. Play in Editor (the text widget shown will not update)
  5. Stop PIE
  6. Open "childwidget"
  7. Disconnect the tick event
  8. Save and compile
  9. Open "InvalidBox" widget
  10. Connect the tick event
  11. Play in Editor

Result: The Text is now updating with a random number
Expected: The text would not update until the widget has been invalidated

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ComponentTools - UMG
Affects Versions4.204.21
CreatedJun 21, 2018
UpdatedNov 4, 2019