Ragdoll replication on server side is not replicated correctly on client. The client will see the server players ragdoll dissappear and reappear at the 0,0,0 origin point.

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Steps to Reproduce

Download the test project from \\\root\Contractors\TJ.Ballard\ & steps 1 - 19 can be skipped.

1. Create a 3rd Person BP game
2. Right-click the HeroTTP > Create > Physics Asset
3. Click Okay & save
4. Open the MyCharacter bp
5. Under the Components tab > Mesh > Collision
6. Set the collision to Custom
7. Set the Collision Enabled
8. Back in the Event Graph, create a Custom Event named Ragdoll (see screenshot #01 for blueprint setup)
9. Set the Custom Event to Multicast with Reliable checked
10. Connect it to a Set Simulate Physics
11. Enable the checkbox on Set Simulate Physics
12. In the My Blueprint panel, click Show Inherited Variables > Character > Mesh
13. Make a Get node for the Mesh
14. Connect it to the Set Simulate Physics
15. Create a key press event for F
16. Call the Ragdoll event
17. Compile & save
18. Back in the editor, click the dropdown beside of Play
19. Set number of Clients to 2

20. Play-In-Editor
21. Hit Shift+F1 and click on the the Server screen
22. Hit F to ragdoll the sever character
23. See the ragdoll disappear for the client
24. Hit Shift+F1 and click Eject
25. Move the camera below the floor to find the ragdoll at the 0,0,0 origin point hanging in the air (see screenshot #02)

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Affects Versions4.5.14.7
Fix Commit2378178
CreatedDec 2, 2014
ResolvedDec 5, 2014
UpdatedJun 23, 2018