While testing on the 10661_Xiaomi Mi 5C the Startup Movie would occassionally render as a completely black screen while still playing the audio from the Startup Movie sample. This was the most consistent repro that I could find on this device.

This was also seen once on the 5543_Samsung Galaxy Note 4, with similar repro to the steps listed in UE-61327 on that device.

This was tested on the following:

Occurring Not Occurring
10661_Mi 5C, v7.1, Mali T860MP4 13608_Galaxy S9+ (SMG965U), v8.0, Adreno 630
5543_Galaxy Note 4 (SM-N910V), v5.0, Adreno 420 9532_P9 Plus (VIE-L29), v7.0, Mali T880 MP4
12452_G5_Plus Adreno 530 Android 7.0 10401_HTC U Play, v6.0, Mali T860MP2
Steps to Reproduce


  1. Access to 10661_Xiaami Mi 5C
  2. Install ActionRPG and Startup Movie samples (see comments)


  1. Launch Action RPG
  2. On Launch Image screen hit the App viewer button on the device
  3. Swipe the app away
  4. Immediately open Startup Movie app

Results: Occasionally the Startup Movie will render black while playing the audio

Frequency: 1/5

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ComponentPlatform - Mobile
Affects Versions4.204.22
CreatedJun 29, 2018
UpdatedSep 16, 2019