Joining a session on iOS using the Join Session node in Blueprints causes a crash on iOS. This is similar to [Link Removed] but was requested to be entered separately.

This has not been reproduced in Main as I am being blocked by not being able to properly create a session.

Regression?: Yes
This does not occur in 4.19.2

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Download the attached project
  2. Package the project for iOS
  3. Deploy the project onto two iOS devices that are both connected to the same Wi-fi network
  4. Open the project on both iOS devices
  5. On device 1, press Host and ensure that the print string mentions that a session was created
  6. On device 2, press Join repeatedly until the client connects
    Result: When it has connected, the client crashes
    Expected: When it has connected, the client joins properly.
 [2018.08.07-18.48.45:548][  8]LogIOS: Error: 0x03b50f00 UE4Game!FGenericPlatformStackWalk::StackWalkAndDump(char*, unsigned long, int, void*)   [UnknownFile]) 
0x03f002a0 UE4Game!SignalHandler(int, __siginfo*, void*)   [UnknownFile]) 
0x81214b58 libsystem_platform.dylib!_sigtramp()   [UnknownFile]) 
0x068bb968 UE4Game!UEngine::Browse(FWorldContext&, FURL, FString&)   [UnknownFile]) 
0x068bcc08 UE4Game!UEngine::TickWorldTravel(FWorldContext&, float)   [UnknownFile]) 
0x05f82168 UE4Game!UGameEngine::Tick(float, bool)   [UnknownFile]) 
0x0343a4f8 UE4Game!FEngineLoop::Tick()   [UnknownFile]) 
0x03f00b04 UE4Game!-[IOSAppDelegate MainAppThread:]   [UnknownFile]) 
0x8203defc Foundation!<redacted>()   [UnknownFile]) 
0x81219220 libsystem_pthread.dylib!<redacted>()   [UnknownFile]) 
0x81219110 libsystem_pthread.dylib!<redacted>()   [UnknownFile]) 
0x81217b10 libsystem_pthread.dylib!thread_start()   [UnknownFile])  

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Affects Versions4.20
Target Fix4.20.2
Fix Commit4277216
CreatedAug 8, 2018
ResolvedAug 10, 2018
UpdatedSep 16, 2019