Skylights in OpenGL will not behave hte same as it does in DirectX and will be incredibly bright. Images of the issue are also in the attached project folder.

Working as intended in 4.19 CL# 4033788
Found in 4.20 CL# 4233996 and 4.21 CL# 4275031

This is a regression.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open attached project
  2. Package project for windows 
  3. Open the packaged application with "-opengl"

The skylight will be blinding bright making the mesh look as if it has a emissive material

The skylight intensity would be the same as it is in DirectX

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Affects Versions4.204.21
Target Fix4.21.2
Fix Commit4668964
CreatedAug 10, 2018
ResolvedDec 18, 2018
UpdatedJan 3, 2019