Drag and drop operations just become broken on packaged builds or launching stand-alone, despite working inside the Editor (PIE). This is a regression from 4.19.2 (CL-4033788).

This issue was reported and tested in 4.20.1 (CL-4233996) and reproduced in Main 4.21 (CL-4299102).

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Download and open the attached project
  2. Package the game or Play in Standalone
  3. Click and drag off the boxes in the upper left-hand corner. Repeat this

Results: The first time an component is being dragged works as expected, after the second time they can't be dragged anymore

Expected: To be able to drag widget components every time

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ComponentTools - UMG
Affects Versions4.204.21
Target Fix4.21
CreatedAug 20, 2018
ResolvedSep 10, 2018
UpdatedSep 26, 2018