Thumbstick values reset once max value is reached.

Tested with Rift

WMR Plugin off - Works normally

Oculus Plugin off (Running through Steam VR) - Only X values reset.

Confirmed in Packaged project

Confirmed in 4.22 @ CL 4448303


Steps to Reproduce

Test project attached. (Thumbstick values in 3D widget)

1. Enable Oculus VR and Windows Mixed Reality Plugins

2. Print or display thumbstick values

3. Launch in VR and use thumbsticks

Result: Once thumbstick values reach 1 they reset to 0 even if thumbstick remains held.

Expected: Thumbstick values remain at 1


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ComponentVirtual Reality
Affects Versions4.214.22
Target Fix4.23
CreatedOct 11, 2018
UpdatedMar 21, 2019