Hot Reloading fails in 4.21 if a project code class that derives from a plugin code class is modified. The Editor appears to be looking for a corresponding Hot Reload .dll for the plugin, even though the plugin is not being updated.

Yes. A Hot Reload in this instance would complete successfully in 4.20.3

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create a new Basic Code project.
  2. Add a new Blank plugin to the project.
  3. Add a new Pawn code class to the plugin.
  4. Add a new code class to the project that derives from the new Pawn class in the previous step.
  5. With the Editor open, add a variable to the code class created in the previous step.
  6. Right-click on the project in Visual Studio and click Build in order to start a Hot Reload.

The Hot Reload fails with an error similar to the following: Missing import: UE4Editor-MyPlugin-3343.dll

The Hot Reload completes successfully.

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ComponentCore - Hot Reload
Affects Versions4.214.22
Target Fix4.21
Fix Commit4479537
Main Commit4551290
Release Commit4479537
CreatedOct 11, 2018
ResolvedOct 17, 2018
UpdatedNov 8, 2018