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According to a licensee, we are generating empty folders when packaging for PS4, which conflicts with PS4 TRC R4006 - [Link Removed]

"Unless specified by SIEJA/SIEA/SIEE, data and files not required by the PS4 application are not included on the master."

Upon investigation of the FN .gp4 files in recent build, the folder structure below can be seen:

    <dir targ_name="fortnitegame">
        <dir targ_name="binaries">
            <dir targ_name="ps4">

I tested with a new PKG build of the third person template on PS4 and the same folder structure appeared in that gp4 file too.

Whether this reflects what is found in the associated .pkg file and whether it is indeed empty/needs removing needs to be investigated. It is odd that Sony have never highlighted this with us before though.

Additional report from the licensee that there is also \Image0\engine\build\ps4\inviteicon.jpg being saved which is an unused file. This same folder structure is also in the FN/template gp4 file.

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ComponentPlatform - Console
Affects Versions4.20e44.21e2
CreatedJan 11, 2019
UpdatedFeb 12, 2019