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Updated visual studio download link to the permanent one provided by MS


When creating a C++ project in the Unreal Project Browser without a compiler installed, the following message appears with an invalid link:

"No compiler was found. In order to use a C++ template, you must first install Visual Studio 2013.[Download Visual Studio 2013|]

The link:

leads here:

Steps to Reproduce

1. Uninstall Visual Studio 2013
2. Open the Unreal Project Browser
3. Click the New Project tab
4. Click the C++ tab

The message on the bottom of the browser has an invalid link.

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Affects Versions4.6.14.7
Target Fix4.8
Fix Commit2433828
CreatedJan 5, 2015
ResolvedFeb 5, 2015
UpdatedSep 23, 2019