Niagara Mesh Renderer Incorrectly Rendering Mesh at Distances When Using Two Sided Material. 

Working as expected in 4.20 CL# 4369336 and 4.21 CL# 4753647

Found in 4.22 Preview 6 CL# 5439949 and 4.23 CL# 5533539

This is a regression

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open attached project
  2. Open the level "NiagaraRenderingIssue"
  3. Move toward and away from the 3 cone meshes

View attached gif

Mesh set in the Niagara System should look the same Cascade or the Static Mesh next to it

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ComponentRendering - Niagara
Affects Versions4.224.23
Target Fix4.23
Fix Commit5769235
Main Commit6666942
Release Commit6955818
CreatedMar 25, 2019
ResolvedApr 5, 2019
UpdatedJul 25, 2019