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This is a duplicate of UE-73197


When building a code project that was created with the binary Engine installed through the Launcher, UHT always runs even if no code changes have been made. This only occurs with a binary Engine installation. When using an Engine built from source code, UHT only runs when it is necessary.

Yes. This behavior did not occur in 4.21.2.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create a new Basic Code project using the binary Engine installed through the Launcher.
  2. Close the Editor window when it opens.
  3. Build the project in Visual Studio.
  4. When the build completes, build the project again in Visual Studio.

The following line appears in the Output during every build: 1> Running UnrealHeaderTool "D:\Unreal Projects\Current Issues\TESTUHT1\TESTUHT1.uproject"...

The UnrealHeaderTool only runs when necessary.

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CreatedMay 2, 2019
ResolvedMay 10, 2019
UpdatedAug 14, 2019