Managed ticking when combined with Min Time Between Ticks will cause particle velocity to vary depending on frame rate.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create a new particle system
  2. Set the Min Time Between Ticks to 33
  3. Optional: Give all particles a consistent velocity of (0,0,100) to eliminate randomness from factoring in.
  4. Make sure Allow Managed Ticking is enabled
  5. Add the particle system to a map and play
  6. Watch the system and change between a max fps of 15 and 60 with t.MaxFPS

The particles speed up noticeably when the FPS is 60. NOTE this does not happen if you disable manged ticking with fx.PSCMan.Enable 0.

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ComponentRendering - Cascade
Affects Versions4.22
CreatedJun 11, 2019
UpdatedJun 17, 2019