Unable to save an Editor Utility Widget when it is running

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open a project
  2. Create and open a new Editor Utility Widget
  3. In the Content Browser, right click on the widget > Run
  4. Attempt to Save the widget

Result: The Editor Utility Widget does not save. The user is prompted with a Message that the "graph is linked to object(s) in an external map" and is asked if they want to try to find the chain of references to that object. The user can endlessly select to try to find the reference and retry saving, but will be unsuccessful

Expected Result: Either users should be able to save Editor Utility Widgets while they are running OR we should instruct the user to shut down their running widget before saving 

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Affects Versions4.23
Target Fix4.23
Fix Commit7247987
Main Commit7247988
Release Commit7247987
CreatedJun 12, 2019
ResolvedJul 9, 2019
UpdatedJul 15, 2019