Steps to Reproduce



Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new Third Person BP project.
  1. In ThirdPersonJump_Loop asset, create and place a new notify called "MyNotify". Turn on the "EnableRootMotion" checkbox.
  1. In ThirdPersonAnim_BP Anim Graph, add a Slot 'DefaultSlot' node and connect it between Default and Final Animation Pose. In the Event Graph, add an AnimNotify_MyNotify event and connect a Print String "Hello" node to it.
  1. In Project Settings -> Input, create a new Action Mapping called "MyAction" and bind it to the "M" key on the keyboard.
  1. In ThirdPersonCharacter blueprint, create a custom event called "MulticastMyAction" and set it as Multicast and Reliable. Create and connect a "Play Slot Animation as Dynamic Montage" node and set the asset to "ThirdPersonJump_Loop" and the slot to "DefaultSlot".
  1. Create a custom event called "ServerMyAction" and set it to Run On Server and Reliable. Call "MulticastMyAction" here.
  1. Create an action event node for the Input Action "MyAction" and call "ServerMyAction" here.
  1. Change the number of players to 2 and start Play In Editor.
  1. On the Client1 window, press the "M" key on the keyboard repeatedly.
  1. Confirm the text that appears on screen sometimes shows 2 lines of "Hello" from both Client1 and Server, but other times it frequently only shows 1 line of "Hello" from Client1 with nothing from the Server.

Above steps confirmed in a fresh project with UE4.18.3 but also happens in UE4.22 in our game. I can provide the above test project if needed.

This is the same issue mentioned here:

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ComponentUE - Anim - Runtime
Affects Versions4.23
Target Fix5.4
Fix Commit30530617
CreatedJul 9, 2019
ResolvedJan 10, 2024
UpdatedJan 12, 2024
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