Mesh paint is for painting the vertices of a mesh, but in part uses physics collision queries to detect hits and search for vertices. (see FMeshPaintGeometryAdapterForSkeletalMeshes::LineTraceComponent) In cases where the collision does not well match the mesh vertices, this can lead to Mesh Paint not being able to find/paint all vertices.

Steps to Reproduce

Using the third person template attempt to paint the vertices of the mannequin.

Now modify the mannequin's physics asset with a large capsule fully enclosing the mesh.

Try painting the vertices of the mannequin again.

Expected: Mesh paint behaves the same

Result: Mesh paint can fail to find vertices to paint (Depending on the size of the capsule you may need to lower the radius of the brush to see this effect)

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Affects Versions4.214.224.23
CreatedOct 8, 2019
ResolvedOct 10, 2019
UpdatedJun 22, 2020
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