1.glsl_type with image was not fully inited with HlslName field set, causing the crash

2.seems many types of op are not support by current hlslcc, cause error msg.

e.g. RWTexture2D.Load[Image Removed]

was no supported in target ps


Steps to Reproduce

1.compile the attachment hlsl file using hlslcc_exe, with 

-ps -es31 -entry="PSMain" -o="ttest2.glsl"

2.hlslcc will crash on 

// ir_rvalue* gen_image_op(
const ast_expression *expr,
ir_dereference *image,
exec_list *instructions,
struct _mesa_glsl_parse_state *state)
bool const bIsByteBuffer = !strcmp(image->type->HlslName, "ByteAddressBuffer");
bool const bIsRWByteBuffer = !strcmp(image->type->HlslName, "RWByteAddressBuffer");


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Affects Versions4.23
CreatedOct 10, 2019
UpdatedOct 29, 2019