When using a dedicated server and a class with an explicit Tick Interval set, if the class' overlaps are updated in the begin overlap event, in a non-consequential way(changing collision profile in such a way that the overlap should be unaffected) then sometimes the overlap state will be incorrect and an end overlap event will occur when it shouldn't.

Steps to Reproduce

From UDN:

I have created a clean test project that automatically runs through a lot of test cases in order to reproduce the issue.
You can find this project here

Directions for usage
1. Open project
2. Run dedicated server checked
3. Click play

Some of the cubes will turn red, which means that they had their end overlap called incorrectly. You may have to run it a few times to reproduce but in most cases it will occur the first run.

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Affects Versions4.23
Target Fix4.27
CreatedOct 28, 2019
UpdatedSep 14, 2020