We currently cannot do this because the material import option are not save in the asset import data, so it search only in the local folder of the reimport mesh, those settings should be saved

Steps to Reproduce

Create Material MyMat_A under content folder Meshes/Materials

Create Material MyMat_B under content folder Meshes/Materials

Import attach SphereMatA.fbx under content folder Meshes/Spheres/

  • Make sure import options create material is set
  • Make sure import options search material location is set to Parent so it found the material

Reimport SphereMatA with the attach SphereMatB.fbx file

In the material conflict dialog click "Reset To Fbx"

RESULT: The material MyMatB is not assign to the material slot

EXPECTED: The reimport find the Material MyMatB and change the material slot to point on it.

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CreatedJan 8, 2020
UpdatedMar 2, 2020