A child blueprint won't be marked dirty if it hasn't been loaded and you rename a component on its parent blueprint. This can lead to a situation where the editor can be closed without prompting the user to save the child blueprint. Upon restarting the editor, the child blueprint will lose its property settings on the renamed component. 

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create a BP actor called Base
  2. Add a static mesh component called BaseMesh
  3. Set some properties (eg make it a red cube).
  4. Compile and save Base
  5. Create a child of Base
  6. Make some changes to the Child. Eg, change the color of BaseMesh
  7. Save the child
  8. Restart the editor
  9. Open Base
  10. Rename BaseMesh to RenamedBaseMesh
  11. Save Base
  12. Restart the editor
  13. Observe the Child's inherited mesh component (RenamedBaseMesh) has lost its data

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ComponentGameplay - Blueprint
Affects Versions4.234.24.1
Target Fix4.26
CreatedJan 20, 2020
UpdatedMar 16, 2020