It is not possible to send console commands to an Apple TV 4K

Platform - Mobile - May 21, 2019

It's not currently possible to send a console command for to an Apple TV. The device output log window does not work as it's not connected via USB and as indicated in UE-69769, -messaging does not w ...

Draw to Render Target Android Regression

Platform - Mobile - May 15, 2019

Regression in Draw Material to Render Target functionality. Enabling Mobile HDR is a workaround. Android tested with Note 4 Unable to verify Main CL 6395234 (Crash on Phone) No repro on iOS mo ...

AndroidJavaMediaPlayer fails to compile for x64 architecture

Platform - Mobile - May 13, 2019

There is a compile error with AndroidJavaMediaPlayer.cpp which is only caught for the x64 architecture on Android. ...

Apple VoiceOver not compatible with UE

Platform - Mobile - May 13, 2019

"Invalid resource entry creating uniform buffer" when running Vulkan on Mobile

Platform - Mobile - Apr 30, 2019

Android projects in 4.22.1 crash on launch with Vulkan enabled. Did NOT reproduce in 4.23 MAIN at CL 6156332 4.22.1 release CL is the same as a related fix for this ( UE-73141 )  ...

DevelopmentServerLauncher.exe loops whenever the editor is open even if no iOS devices are connected

Platform - Mobile - Apr 29, 2019

A user has reported that DeploymentServerLauncher.exe will continue to poll for devices even if no iOS devices are connected. I am under the impression that this is so that Windows can poll for iOS ...

CSM receiver culling issue on Mobile

Platform - Mobile - Apr 27, 2019

Blueprint Launches onto tvOS fail during runstep: Error_DeviceOSNewerThanSDK

Platform - Mobile - Apr 19, 2019

When a user launches blueprint project to a tvOS device they will fail to run the project during the run step and if they manually try to launch the app from the dashboard. This issue does not repr ...

When launching from Mac to iOS, the process does not end normally, so the second and subsequent application launches from the iOS device are not performed properly

Platform - Mobile - Apr 16, 2019

If you deploy the app to the iOS device using the Mac editor's Launch button or Project Launcher, the second and subsequent launches will fail. The following message is output when startup fails. T ...