iOS: Holding Backspace Does Not Delete Multiple Characters on UMG Text

Platform - Mobile - Aug 24, 2021

The iOS Virtual Keyboard has an issue when entering text into a regular UMG text entry field. If the backspace key is pressed and held, rather than deleting all the characters preceding the caret o ...

When Mobile Deferred Shading, the DBuffer Decal is affected by metallic value

Platform - Mobile - Jul 22, 2021

Use Deferred Shading (r.Mobile.ShadingPath=1) Enable DBuffer Decal All Lights’s mobility is Static Decal Material settings : Material Domain - Deferred DecalBlend Mode - TranslucentDecal Blend Mo ...

Update to AndroidX

Platform - Mobile - Jun 11, 2021

Upgrade to use AndroidX ...

game terminated on android device when connect or disconnect usb dongle

Platform - Mobile - Jun 1, 2021

The game crashed when the USB Dongle is connected or disconnected. Games that made by other engines are work fine. Refer to the attached video for the reproduce. ...

SkyLight IBL looks blurry on Android

Platform - Mobile - May 12, 2021