DOF use DRB algorithm on foreground

Rendering - Features Teams - May 27, 2020

Light shaft settings are missing

Rendering - Features Teams - May 19, 2020

Public facing bug report came in describing that lights shafts were missing from all lights except directional. This issue does not seem to be occurring for 4.24 or 4.26. I was able to confirm that ...

The behavior of translucent sorting is different between 4.23 and later.

Rendering - Features Teams - Apr 24, 2020

Also, from 4.23 onwards, if you move the mesh back and forth, the order of the  translucent sort will be switched. ...

GeometrycacheActor light channel issue

Rendering - Features Teams - Apr 9, 2020

Reflection capture memory not released

Rendering - Features Teams - Mar 16, 2020

Until 4.23.1, the value of the Texture Memory Cube is reduced to an appropriate size. It is explained in the following thread: ...

Color picker does not change the color of a Vector Parameter in a Material Instance until the mouse button is released

Rendering - Features Teams - Mar 11, 2020

This is a regression from 4.23.1 (CL-9631420). The color picker does not update in realtime anymore when holding down the left-mouse button. Only on mouse-release does it update. This was reported ...

Buffer Visualization Overview is affected by EV

Rendering - Features Teams - Mar 5, 2020

EV -0.5 [Image Removed] EV 0.0 [Image Removed] ...

Deferred decal does not display when running GTAO.

Rendering - Features Teams - Mar 4, 2020

Deferred decal does not appear if GTAO is enabled. ...

Content Examples: Parallax Occlusion Map Feature no longer rendering self-shadows

Rendering - Features Teams - Mar 2, 2020

Parallax Occlusion Map Feature fails to render self-shadows as of the release of Unreal Engine v4.24.0 and has not been remedied since. The feature is perfectly functional in v4.23 [See attachments ...