Get D3D12 RHI compiling on strict mode

Rendering - RHI - Aug 13, 2019

SteamVR crash with DirectX 12

Rendering - RHI - Aug 5, 2019

SteamVR will crash with dx12 enabled. You may need to attempt to teleport or open the console for the crash to occur. Also confirmed in MAIN 4.24 CL 7713732 ...

4.22.1 Crash in FVulkanResourceMultiBuffer::Lock

Rendering - RHI - Jul 31, 2019

Vulkan Multibuffer Lock mechanism for ReadOnly does not appear to be implemented. Temporary workaround has been provided to licensee. ...

RenderDoc plugin crash exiting

Rendering - RHI - May 23, 2019

Separate downsampled translucency manually updates the view uniform buffer without invalidating the cached view.

Rendering - RHI - May 20, 2019

In TranslucencyRendering.cpp, FDeferredShadingSceneRenderer::RenderTranslucency, the following code: FViewUniformShaderParameters DownsampledTranslucencyViewParameters; SetupDownsampledTranslucenc ...

FCanvasTriangleRendererItem relies on BaseVertexIndex not being zero.

Rendering - RHI - May 20, 2019

The root of this issue is that FLocalVertexFactory is doing manual vertex fetch in the shader. In HLSL, this relies on SV_VertexId. In GLSL, it's gl_VertexId. HLSL does not include the base vertex i ...