Datasmith - Materials cropped different fields in the same bitmap only display one texture

Tools - Datasmith - 3dsMax - Mar 16, 2020

Material cropping in 3DS Max doesn't seem to translate well into Datasmith when they are used in the same bitmap. This was reported and tested in 4.24.3 (CL-11590370). This was reproduced in 4.23.1 ...

3DS Max 2019 asset has incorrect object position and rotation when imported in Datasmith

Tools - Datasmith - 3dsMax - May 20, 2019

When this asset is imported into 4.22.1(4.22E0) it has incorrect object position and rotation. In 4.21.2 (4.21E3) the asset has the correct object position and rotation. ...

Animated Camera from 3ds Max flips in Unreal

Tools - Datasmith - 3dsMax - Apr 26, 2019

Datasmith & mikktspace tangent cause entities to glow with lightmaps

Tools - Datasmith - 3dsMax - Feb 22, 2019

The steps above are reduced to their simplest expression.  I appears that several customers complained about lightmap baking resulting in glowing objects.  This typically happens on interior door fr ...

Datasmith re-import crash - UE4Editor-UnrealEd!UMaterialInstanceConstantFactoryNew::FactoryCreateNew

Tools - Datasmith - 3dsMax - Feb 13, 2019

From user:I'm getting repeatable crashes on re-imports after I've re-worked the models a bit in Max. The workaround now is to just delete everything from Unreal and do a fresh import, but as my o ...

Unreal crashes with an Fatal Error: Out of memory message.

Tools - Datasmith - 3dsMax - Jan 30, 2019

Objects with centered pivots become Actors instead of StaticMeshActors when imported via Datasmith

Tools - Datasmith - 3dsMax - Jan 18, 2019

When selecting "affect pivot only" and choosing "center pivot" on 56 objects in 3DS Max 2019, 4 of them imported into Datasmith as Actors and not StaticMeshActors. This makes it seemingly impossible ...

Datasmith files containing special characters do not import correctly in Unreal

Tools - Datasmith - 3dsMax - Oct 10, 2018

User is experiencing an import issue with a 3DS Max 2019 file. Their workflow is as follows and works for all their assets but this one:Original file created in revit 2019Import revit link to 3dsmax ...