Re-opening a Level with Datasmith Animation loses hierarchy

Tools - Datasmith - Core Lib - May 7, 2019

It appears to be an issue with persistence and the sequencer. If the level is saved and reloaded without opening the sequencer all hierarchy is fineif you open the sequencer, then save the level, ...

Datasmith Metadata is lost when actor is converted as BP

Tools - Datasmith - Core Lib - Dec 7, 2018

This behavior does not occur on actor tags and component tags so it is something we haven't considered when adding the metadata feature. ...

Failure to save after reimport when datasmith actors were moved to sublevel

Tools - Datasmith - Core Lib - Jul 16, 2018

Notice that when you create the sublevel the Cylinder get removed from its parent; and that after reimport, it gets moved back. Not reproducible with Import Datasmith ...

There are assets with no name when deleting datasmith assets

Tools - Datasmith - Core Lib - May 30, 2018

Plugin Warden entitlement check "timing out" error

Tools - Datasmith - Core Lib - Dec 28, 2017

A growing number of users are reporting the Plugin Warden entitlement check timeout error while attempting to import datasmith files. Some users have been able to resolve the issue, some have not. ...