Crash when sculpting on duplicated landscape with edit layers enabled

Tools - Landscape - Jun 8, 2021

Crash happens when trying to sculpt on a duplicated landscape that has edit layers enabled. This crash does not occur for landscapes that are duplicated with edit layers disabled. ...

LandscapeComponent LodBias doesn't work

Tools - Landscape - Dec 17, 2020

Landscape glass ignores the scale of the parent actors

Tools - Landscape - Nov 11, 2020

DrawScale = Landscape->GetRootComponent()->GetRelativeScale3D(); ↓ DrawScale = Landscape->GetActorScale3D(); Changing as above will solve the problem. ...

Crash When You Add Get Landscape Material Node

Tools - Landscape - Oct 7, 2020

After staring a new, blank project, and adding a generic blueprint actor, the editor crashes after you add a "Get Landscape Material" Proxy to the event graph within the blueprint. ...

Landscape Paint Layers will not scroll to the end when using mouse wheel

Tools - Landscape - Sep 28, 2020

In a normal detail panel, each element has its own SDetailSingleItemRow and are mostly uniformly sized with some exceptions of having a few bigger rows (i.e. asset pickers). However, these layers ar ...

Crash when attempting to deform a landscape when Paint Layer has not been used - Assertion failed: !TargetProxy->HasLayersContent() || !InCanUseEditingWeightmap || EditingLayerGUID.IsValid() [LandscapeEdit.cpp Line: 5252]

Tools - Landscape - Sep 9, 2020

The editor crashes when attempting to draw a weight blended texture to the landscape if it hasnt been used on that landscape yet. This crash can be completely avoided if the stone texture is painted ...