DOF aliasing on Niagara particles

UE - Rendering - Oct 18, 2021

RVT output from Landscape Height gets incorrect mip cache loaded

UE - Rendering - Oct 13, 2021

I test it for more information for your reference:It happens only when a Landscape *Height *was output to the RVT, other Landscape's maps like BaseColor are all fine, as well as Height output from o ...

AO denoiser propagate NaNs

UE - Rendering - Oct 12, 2021

When rendering a reflection capture, the lightmap may be rendered without finishing streaming.

UE - Rendering - Oct 5, 2021

This problem occurs when you do a lighting build. It does not occur when the reflection capture is done by itself. ...

VT Material Instance Crash - "ProducerDesc.BlockHeightInTiles << MipBias == BlockHeightInTiles"

UE - Rendering - Oct 4, 2021

Assertion failed: ProducerDesc.BlockHeightInTiles << MipBias == BlockHeightInTiles [Link Removed] [Line: 229] ...

AbsoluteWorldPosition and PDO not working correctly in SingleLayerWater calculations

UE - Rendering - Oct 1, 2021

The licensee has provided a recommended fix for this issue. Please see the UDN.  ...

Area Lights casting Specular regardless of material specular value

UE - Rendering - Sep 30, 2021

The rectangle lights ignore the specular value of lit materials and will apply a specular highlight to them regardless of the value. you can compare the result against a standard point light and you ...