HDRI Backdrop and Lumen compatibility issues

UE - Rendering - Lumen - Jan 24, 2023

SkyLight is not affecting the volumetric fog

UE - Rendering - Lumen - Nov 24, 2022

Looks like this behavior was working as expected until 5.1 Preview 2 ...

Nanite Meshes appear to glow with Skylight stationary mobility

UE - Rendering - Lumen - Oct 31, 2022

[Image Removed][Image Removed] ...

Lumen generates gradated shading even if the light is a constant color sky light

UE - Rendering - Lumen - Jul 22, 2022

Lumen generates a gradated shading even if objects are lit by a 360-degree constant sky light.[Link Removed][Link Removed] I looked into this and found that this comes from Spherical Harmonics int ...

Lumen appears to ignore custom World Origin Location

UE - Rendering - Lumen - Jul 12, 2022

Lumen doesn't update when the World Origin Location is changed. ...

Complex morph target motion vectors flicker

UE - Rendering - Lumen - May 16, 2022

Morphing target flickers when switching between complex targets. This occurs when global illumination is set to Lumen. Per talk with analyst, it greatly improves when using SSR or None instead of Lu ...

"FVector contains NaN" on packaged builds for Debug configuration

UE - Rendering - Lumen - May 6, 2022

Customer Provided Description:This was experienced in UE 5.01 - custom installed engine (No changes to UE code, simply added the Debug build configuration, see the following command): "c:%ue_dire ...