Rotate Around Point Niagara Module causes jittering with Linear Force

UE - Rendering - Niagara - Dec 1, 2022

Regression: Tested in UE5/Release-5.0, this issue also occurs meaning regression is no. The Niagara System appears to jitter whenever a force is applied after the Rotate Around Point module. If the ...

Niagara Parameters window resets when clicking in a Scratch Module

UE - Rendering - Niagara - Nov 29, 2022

Regression: The UI for the Parameters window in a Niagara System is different from UE5/Release-5.0 to UE5/Release-5.1, so the issue cannot be replicated in Release-5.0 This issue occurs when going ...

Niagara compile error : Select Position from Array

UE - Rendering - Niagara - Nov 24, 2022

A similar node, Select Vector From Array, does not have this problem. The difference between the two seems to be whether or not Required is checked in the input node's exposure options. ...

Niagara Fluid is not displayed in the TopView of the Niagara Editor

UE - Rendering - Niagara - Nov 7, 2022

Normal Particles are displayed. ...

[Crashreport] UnrealEditor-Niagara!FNiagaraSubmixListener::UnregisterFromSubmix() [NiagaraDataInterfaceAudio.cpp:85]

UE - Rendering - Niagara - Oct 20, 2022

Generated from CrashReporter Crash only occurs when packaged. ...

Compilation errors in Shallow Water contents example's Niagara module script

UE - Rendering - Niagara - Oct 14, 2022

This seems to be because the ModuleUsageBitmask is hardcoded as Particle. Sig.ModuleUsageBitmask = ENiagaraScriptUsageMask::Particle; UNiagaraDataInterfaceGrid2DCollection::GetFunction { ... ...

Crash when editing category name in the emitter summary

UE - Rendering - Niagara - Sep 27, 2022