Raytraced Shadows don't render on landscape grass

UE - Rendering - Shadows - Nov 22, 2022

Regression: Tested in UE5/Release-5.0, the issue did not occur so this is a regression Cast Dynamic Shadow should be enabled in the Landscape Grass Type by default, so shadows should be cast by the ...

Animation may not cull when VSM is enabled

UE - Rendering - Shadows - Sep 12, 2022

When VSM is enabled, animation is not culled and animation continues to play. WhenVisibilityBasedAnimTickOption=OnlyTickPoseWhenRendered, animations outside the camera view are culled, but when VSM ...

SingleSampleShadowFromStationaryLights does not work in UE5 (when GPU-Scene is used)

UE - Rendering - Shadows - Jul 21, 2022

The flag is not propagated in FPrimitiveSceneShaderData::FPrimitiveSceneShaderData and so is missing in GPU-Scene primitive data. Need to add: .UseSingleSampleShadowFromStationaryLights(Proxy->UseS ...

Mesh "Self shadow only" setting is not applied with VSM

UE - Rendering - Shadows - Jun 23, 2022